The demand for games has increased in the past few decades. Various websites and mobile applications are available today in offering a wide range of games where you can pick the game of your interest and needs. You can play these games by downloading related gaming applications or using other online gaming platforms to help you get everything in effortless ways. You can witness their high-end popularity where you can access these games and connect with your friends without facing location-related restrictions. You only need to have an excellent internet connection with a high-quality device where you can access everything to satisfy your gaming needs. Games like free fire, PUBG, and others are available among individuals and helping them to have lots of joy by using their prominent features. You should also check PUBG vs free fire before picking these games to have lots of fun. 

System requirements

When comparing between two games, there are various things that you should keep in your mind. The first thing is their availability throughout the internet. You might have gone through the old news that combined the ban of PUBG games in most parts of the world. PUBG is still trying for the re-launch, but there are no further updates about the timing. Free fire game is available for download in interrupted ways by using Google play store or IOS stores. You can visit these locations and enjoy the game by downloading it on your personal computer or mobile device. 

Before considering these two games, you should check PUBG vs Free Fire that will help you come with exact requirements. PUBG was available in 2 GB downloadable size with minimum android 4.1 requirements that have also been received steep decline and now it is not too big anymore. This game is also compatible with 1 or 2 GB RAMs with the availability of Qualcomm Processor. Free fire combines 680 MB downloadable size with android os 4.1.3 and 1 or 2 GB RAM. Mediatek MT677M quad-core processors will be an ideal choice for various mobile devices. 

Graphical experience

Both of these games can be played on those mobile devices containing 1 or 2 GB RAM, but they are again different in their graphical experiences. PUBG game uses HDR graphics and can help you make the game more realistic and the same you will miss with a free fire game. Players up to the strength of 60 can join the match, whereas free fire allows 50 players at a time to take part in various gaming activities like landing or running on the ground, looting, or fighting to stay long in a game. 

Gaming characters

When taking part in these online games, you should have a comparison report about these games. Whether it is about PUBG vs free fire, you can find many things based on you can pick a suitable game based on your interest and needs. Both of these games are different in various ways, and they are share uniqueness with the gaming characters available. Free fire can enable many characters to choose from their database, but you might not be able to do so when taking part in a PUBG game. From battle royal mode, selecting various vehicles to others, you can enjoy a lot with these games by picking them to satisfy your gaming thrust.