Wedding venue themes are constantly changing and evolving according to taste, seasons, trends, and varieties. While earlier, people were more focused on traditional approaches, today, they are experimenting with a variety of modern styles and themes. By altering small things and focusing on details, you can get a modern appeal to the wedding celebration. In this article, we will be discussing some different kinds of popular modern wedding themes that you can consider incorporating into your wedding. 

Mix And Experiment

Choosing viable and reputed Crondon Park wedding venue themes can allow you to try experimenting with a range of traditional and contemporary styles to surprise your guests. You can always try using modern elements in traditional settings in different creative ways. Mixing classic with modern will give you benefits of both worlds. For example, in the countryside, you can plan your oath-taking ceremony in the garden or by the lakeside with minimal yet elegant decorations, florals, lighting, etc., that complement the modern themes. 

Wedding Guest Attires

Men generally prefer a black and white combination of tux and tie; however, going for different colors like blue, gray, or even dark green can impact the mood of the event. Further, you can allow the bridesmaids to choose different colors from a palette and dress according to their personality instead of following the same old pattern of matching gowns. The modern age is all about highlighting yourself and your personality traits. 

Wedding Guest Attires

Going White

Incorporating white color into your settings, decorations, lighting, designs, invitations, and different elements with minimal content will be impactful and contemporary. You can go for a venue that offers or is flexible to adjust according to your thematic choices. You can also opt for decorating the venue and furniture with a monochrome color palette. By choosing a single color of your choice, you can glamourize the entire venue. However, the idea must remain the same, that is, to create a subtle, minimal, clean, and sophisticated look. 

Focus On The Entrance 

The entrance of the wedding reception is a focal point that describes the kind of wedding you are organizing. For a modern theme, you can always go for subtle decorations that offer visible contrast. You must add greenery and place them along with clean lanterns for added emphasis. Sheer fabrics, a minimal look in decorative elements, including flowers and bouquets in ombre shades, curtains, linens, furniture, etc., can help you generate a whole look. 

Adding Metallic

Metallic shades like gold, silver, and grey can add shine and interest to any décor or celebration. You can always go for modern lightning in the Crondon Park wedding venue with metallic shades or grand chandeliers with clear lines and distinct metallic tones that reflect modern vibes. 

Designing Food Menu

If you are interested in following a certain theme and adhering to it completely, then you must not forget to design your food menu accordingly. The design will include everything from the food and cocktail to the menus, display boards, calligraphy used, tableware and crockery, etc. 


Weddings in modern times should be distinctive and personify the couple’s idea of being together forever in their style. Deciding feasible and approachable wedding venue themes remains extremely vital.

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