In an attempt to increase the variety of products on the market, it seems that the previous two years have been nothing short of a mad dash to find new cannabinoids and create novel formulas. HHC is one of the cannabinoids that has recently become more popular. Although it is a THC analogue and has qualities similar to delta 8 THC, anecdotal evidence shows that it does not surface on drug tests. Since this has not been confirmed, you should not take anything we say here as expert advice. HHC is unlike cannabis buds in that it does not degrade as quickly in storage due to its stability as a consequence of its extraordinary resistance to oxidation, heat, and UV radiation.

The HHC what is it exactly?

Hexahydrocannabinol is the hydrogenated derivative of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is produced by the chemical process of hydrogenation, in which hydrogen atoms are incorporated into an existing molecule. This technique is quite similar to the one used to transform vegetable oils into spreadable margarine. Though contained in hemp naturally, HHC levels are negligible. In order to add hydrogen to THC, a catalyst like palladium or nickel is required, along with high pressure. To achieve a concentration that can be put to use, this procedure is crucial.

Comparing HHC to THC

The hallucinatory effects of HHC oil are comparable to those of THC. Additionally, you will have changed vision and hearing, an increase in hunger, and a transient acceleration of your heart rate. Some users of HHC place it between the delta 8 and the delta 9 THC, characterising it as relaxing as opposed to exciting. HHC, another cannabinoid, has the same chemical structure as THC, indicating that it shares many of THC’s therapeutic and physiological effects. Despite the possibility that the HHC has vital medicinal uses, virtually little study has been conducted on it so far. In one rat study, the cannabinoid beta-hydro cannabinol was discovered to have outstanding analgesic effects; nevertheless, further research is required to understand the entire scope of this compound’s health advantages.

Is it okay to use HHC?

Related to other THC-like compounds like delta 8, the legal status of HHC is murky. Some companies argue that their products are legal since HHC occurs naturally in hemp. Some legal experts, however, argue that HHC does not exist in nature except in very trace amounts and that other chemicals are required to get it.

Delta 8 THC Dosage Example

To begin vaping HHC oil carts, add 5 mg to either the low or high delta 8 dosages if you have never smoked or vaped high-THC cannabis (marijuana). In other words, here is where first-time visitors should begin.